Essay about The Case Of Roe V. Wade

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Starting from before abortions were legal where women were performing at home abortions to when the case of Roe v. Wade came into play abortion has always been around. Our fundamental constitutional right to get an abortion is slowly but surely being diminished by certain activists because they claim it is immoral, but if we did not have professionally performed abortions woman could be fatally harmed, although abortions are considered ‘moral evil’ in the Catholic eye it’s the only hope for some women at the time. A young girl in her early twenties recently found out she was pregnant after she had just broken up with her drug addicted boyfriend of two years, she thought to herself that she could barely afford to support herself with a low paying job at a local fast food joint so how was she going to support another human life? She could not sleep later that night and started to pace back and forth. It was about 3 am and after pacing for about an hour and a half she started to cry then picked up her phone to message her best friend in hopes of changing her mind , but she ended up not texting her and started to look at abortion clinics. The young girl did not want to have an abortion but thought it was her only choice, so when the clinic opened she made an appointment for later that day. When she walked up to the clinic she was told she was a murderer and this was a sin that god could not forgive. She walked into the clinic then the receptionist in the clinic told her to go…

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