The Case Of Roe V. Wade Essay

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This United States’ irrepressible emphasis on freedom constitutes for its attractiveness to immigrants from countless countries desperately seeking for a glimpse of the American Dream. Thomas Jefferson clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence that everyone is granted the right to the pursuit of happiness. However this was not always the case, as evidence to the decision debilitating laws that preceded the Roe v. Wade ruling, which granted Jane Roe the choice to have an abortion, mothers were stripped of their right to the pursuit of happiness. If a woman becomes pregnant and she feels as if having the child would be devastating to her or she wouldn’t be able to provide for the child, then she should have the choice of abortion. In the Case of Roe v. Wade, I believe that the Supreme Court’s ruling was accurate and justified by the declaration of independence.
Norma McCorvey was going on her third child with a low paying job as a bartender in the state of Texas. She had decided she was in no position to take care of another child and wanted to have an abortion done. Texas state laws at the time stated: a woman could receive an abortion only if incest occurred, was raped, or if it was medically imposed. Norma said she had been raped but they overlooked the rape because she never filed a police report. Norma didn’t fit the criteria for getting an abortion so she uses the name Jane Roe to file a case against the state of Texas.
The main issue within this case is if…

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