Essay on The Case Of Reproductive Technological Advancement

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The Case of Reproductive Technological Advancement

Thesis: What we once theorized as being impossible and to have only existed within movies, and TV shows has become a thing of reality. We are introduced into a world where the process and reproduction of life has been given a new meaning. Where life is created within a lab, a fetus can be genetically modified before it’s born and the type of repercussions that can take place. The very introduction to these types of new ideas and advancements can only leave us to question our own morality. In my thesis I will discuss the effects of reproductive technology and all it entails.

Genetic Modification: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ethical Choices that are made
Thesis: Genetic modification is one of the leading issues that are thought of as being rendered either a great achievement in biomedical technology, or a curse into the depletion of humankind’s original structure. This process provides us with the option to genetically modify our own offspring by focusing on the DNA then creating and transfer new genetic traits into the fetus. Although this may sound beneficial by removing any traces of a disease, it can have its bad side. In a society that is obsessed with appearance the mere thought of a minor deformity can be enough to declare that modification will be needed. This brings up the question of the ethical choices that we decide on, can genetic modification be the downfall of our race of authenticity or be seen as our…

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