The Case Of Plyler V. Doe Essay

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A. Overview/Introduction: Clarifies your white paper issue and gives a basic understanding of your connection to the issue (home page)

Every year in the U.S, millions of students graduate from high school and go on to find jobs, go to college, or explore their other options. However, every year, 65,000 of those students experience very different lives than those of their peers when they graduate. These students are undocumented. While the 1982 case of Plyler v. Doe in which the Supreme Court ruled that undocumented students would be guaranteed a K-12 education by federal law, there is nothing protecting them after they graduate in many states. As there are about 11.2 million total undocumented immigrants in America as a whole, it is important to give undocumented students the opportunity to continue their education after high school.2 The majority of undocumented students who are ready to attend college, were brought to the U.S.A at a very young age by their parents, and had no control over their illegal entry into or stay in the United States. Most of them have attended at least middle and high school if not also elementary school in America, and know English. 2 The simple fact is that whether it is liked or not, undocumented immigrants are part of America and its future.

B. Problems/Issues: Address “the problems/issues” you are trying to resolve, in detail.

One of the biggest obstacles that undocumented students face when applying for college is financial…

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