The Case Of Nike And Human Rights Essay

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The Case of Nike and Human Rights
1. What ethical issues faced by MNCs in their treatment of foreign workers could bring allegations of misconduct in their operations? There are many ethical issues that foreign workers can bring allegations such as hunan right, wage rates, working hours, vacations, employment benefits, job security, and etc. As the Nike case already show that ethical issues had a big effect to their company. 

2. Would the use of third-party independent contractors insulate MNCs from being attacked? Would that practice offer MNCs a good defensive shield against charges of abuse of “their employees”? 
 Independent contractors are only make your company look clear and legally criterion and the method of contractor is to paid and freedom so, contractor independent will cause a lot of problem to companies because you can not control them. As you know control their employee, it’s illegal actions anywhere such as work hour, prices rate. Even MNCs can find a legal loophole to control their independent contractors but about your image, social responsibilities in public way will not be legal in moral or ethnical.
3. Do you think that statements by companies that describe good social and moral conduct in the treatment of their workers are part of the image those companies create and therefore are part of their advertising message? Do consumers judge companies and base their buying decision on their…

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