The Case Of Mr. Leroy And Gem Essay

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In the case of Mr. Leroy and his twin sons, Jon and Gem, there seems to be a classic example of good son bad son. Jon and Gem, once reared in healthy social environment for the core years of the children’s lives, suddenly turned into a single parent household with the social environment declining to that of unhealthiness, the neighborhood became ran down, crime riddled and drug infested. Mr. Leroy having to work two jobs has taken away his supervision over the children enabling Jon and Gen to make self-decision. With the opportunity to excel at a better school, Jon accepted the opportunity and Gem did not causing a drastic separation in the two that led Jon to higher heights and Gem to lower ones. The question is why and how Mr. Leroy is in this situation and what might be a reasonable solution to his problem. It seems rational choice, Biosocial perspectives, Psychological, social structure and social learning as contributing factors to Mr. Leroy’s dilemma with his boys. Each of these theories has variance in the boys, as Jon is the opposite of Gem.
Theories of delinquencies Gems rational choice to stay at Middlebrook instead of the STEM school suggests his mindset of his lifestyle was comfortable in his environment at the time, as his daily routine was sufficient (Hess, Orthmann, & Wright, 2013, p. 70). Lack of supervision allowed him to associate with his peers that became motivating factors in society. The biosocial perspective seems to have been…

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