The Case Of Mercury Energy Essay

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The case is about Mercury Energy, one of the four power companies in New Zealand and Folole Muliaga, a mother of four. She died two hours after the power in her home was cut off due to an overdue power bill of US$168.40. The power was supporting her oxygen supply machine. She was being treated for cardiomyopathy where she had been admitted at a hospital for a month. During the day of power disconnection, a contractor went ahead with the disconnection despite seeing the woman with oxygen tubes in her nose. One of her children tried to plead with the contractor in vain. The power contractor just said “I am here just to do my job” and left.
While in the hospital, her husband had called the power company to inform them of her condition and make part of the payment. The company refused the offer claiming that the account was under his wife’s name and doing so will breach the Privacy Act. The husband wanted to make a weekly payment of $50 in order to settle the bill. Once the company refused to listen to him, he went ahead and paid $62 that same day and $45 later. Unfortunately, the power was switched off 12 days later leading to the death of his wife.
At first, the management of the power firm denied any knowledge on the victim’s health but later blamed the contractor who switched off the power. The health professional who treated the victim claimed that her life expectancy was low due to the severe health problems. The respiratory specialist who treated her informed that she…

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