The Case Of Men Who Have Sex With Men Essay

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This essay examines the case of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) as a vulnerable group in the light of those social determinants that contribute to its risk status concerning HIV/AIDS. It also provides a general overview of the issue seeking to highlight the historical background of the epidemic among MSM in each target region to the extent necessary. However, the main objective of this essay is to consider not the whole picture in its entirety, but specifically such factors as, first, discrimination and stigma, second, economic conditions, and, third, gender and sexuality (understood as the actual level of promiscuity) regarding the current situation. The key question is what their roles are, against the national backdrop. All these phenomena are going to be examined by the example of the following two countries: the US and South Africa. Conclusions regarding the probable relative share of the social health determinants in the two environments and their respective contexts are also offered.
Historically, MSM was one of the groups most exposed to HIV, since anal intercourse, objectively popular among homosexuals, is extremely risky without a condom (Beyrer et al, 2012, p. 367). Thus, quite understandably, HIV prevalence figures for MSM remain high in the both selected regions: 17,9% in Sub-Saharan Africa (against 5% in adults) and 15,4% (less than 1% in adults) in North America (Ibid, p. 369). At the same time, the mentioned “natural” component alone could never be…

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