Essay about The Case Of Lorenzo Case Analysis

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The Case of Lorenzo Why is it crucial for someone to state their most interpersonal secrets to another individual? Well, the reason being is the more and more you keep secrets cooped up inside, the more toxic you become to spewing it out. So the reason behind why it is crucial to let someone know how your feeling is simply healthy for the body so you don’t become toxic and spew out all the negative wrapped up inside. In the case of Lorenzo, he is taken to a guidance counselor with his parents and into the second or third session the counselor discloses to the parents the rules of confidentiality. As the parents leave for every session, Lorenzo shares that he is experimenting with all sorts of illegal drugs and tells the counselor that he has had a “few brushes with death”, while being under the impression of illegal substances. The counselor tells Lorenzo she does not want the responsibility for knowing he is experimenting with drugs, so she cuts a deal with him that as long as he quits using, she won’t tell his parents about his problem. Unfortunately things cannot get settled out that way, Lorenzo quits using for several weeks, but one night he was under the influence and got in a serious car accident. He is now paralyzed for life now and his parents are filled with rage because they did have a legal right to know what their son was doing. The parents file for suit against the agency and the counselor. Was it legal to not tell the parents what their son has been doing all…

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