The Case Of King V. Burwell Essay

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Context of the Case: King v. Burwell, 576 U.S (2015), was a judgment made by the United States Supreme Court, explaining the provisions of the ACA (Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection). The decision of the Court was upheld and confirmed, as consistent and well aligned with the statute, the money of premium tax credits to supporting the persons in all the states, both those with exchanges directly established by the state, and those oppositely made and implemented by the Department of Human Services and Health. The Supreme Court of United States made a decision unanimously in the case of King v. Burwell, which was delivered in detail on June 26th, 2015. The court got the evidence that subsidies, which are under the ACA can be delivered for insurance of health, purchased through the exchanges that are established and run by the federal government, despite the law restricting and discouraging such kind of subsidies to insurance purchased through the exchanges made by state government. The petitioners had fought and challenged that the language of the statute (which was plain) gave eligibility and support for the tax credits only to those people in the United States with the exchanges (state - operated). The Court rejected and disqualified this argument. But instead, the Supreme Court of United states found the clause of disputed to be ambiguous and unclear, and that it could be or must be explained in a manner "which is compatible and in line with the rest of the…

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