The Case Of Kenneth Bianchi 's ' The Hillside Strangler ' Essay

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In I977 and 1978, the infamous Kenneth Bianchi reeked havoc in parts of California and Washington State. Also known as "The Hillside Strangler", Bianchi was a serial sex murderer who worked with his accomplice, Angelo Buono. In relation to the case of Kenneth Bianchi, the notion of leaving a "signature" after committing a murder is clearly present. Bianchi 's murder 's were sexually driven, and I will discuss why most murderer 's are sexually driven to commit these heinous crimes. Bianchi is one of the many murderer 's that fits this description of committing murder based on ideas of sex.
The offender, Bianchi was 28 years old and working as a security guard after he committed his deviant acts. Bianchi was a sexual serial killer that killed the first ten women in Los Angeles in the months of september, october, november and december in 1977 and February of 1978. Although Bianchi did not have any prior criminal record, he certainly suffered from multiple behavior problems in his childhood that could have led him to become "the hillside strangler". His victims were usually in between the ages of 12 and 28 years old and most of the young women were prostitutes. However, later on he started to murder all kinds of young women instead of just targeting prostitutes. In total, Bianchi murdered twelve women in Washington State and Los Angeles. With the help of his cousin Angelo Buono, both men set out on a killing spree that remained as an unsolved case for two…

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