The Case Of Juvenile Justice Essay

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Nicholas is from Chester, SC a small town in South Carolina where the population of the city is about 6,000 people. He has been in and out of the Department of Juvenile Justice since he was thirteen years old for small crimes. As he got older he continued his life of crime and has found himself in prison for strong arm robbery as well as breaking and entering in the third degree. Although, he started his life of crime as a juvenile his records were unable to be considered as part of his sentencing process when he became an adult offered. Now a lot of people in the community felt that because he was a known criminal all of his records should have been brought before the court but South Carolina as well as many other states will not let a juvenile record be hard in a court of law for crimes they committed as a juvenile. Therefore, knowing that he was a criminal for years nothing could be done for the crimes he committed before he became of legal age to be tried as an adult. Furthermore, he has been in trouble several times in the past as an adult. His list of crime consists of carjacking, arm robbery, home invasions, burglary, drug selling and simple assault. Therefore, it was a known fact that he would commit a crime when given the chance.
Now that Nicholas has serve eighty percent of his time for dealing drugs according to South Carolina law. He is now up for probation for the crime he committed this time. Rather than serve his entire time out in prison he has chosen to go…

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