The Case Of Duluth Police Department Essay

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Minnesota Duluth Police Department: DPD states that only peace officers who have successfully finished the determined training may be able to use the CEW. They are set to be put in the opposite side of the firearm with marked differences from it. Officers are also responsible for them to be in good working conditions, and they should never hold both the firearm and CEW at the same time. When using a CEW, the peace officer must give the suspect enough time to comply as well as let other officers know he/she may use the device. It should be used in situations where the suspect is resisting in a violent manner as well as when the suspect has shown that he/she will resist violently and could potentially harm the officers or others. They clearly specify that it is not reasonable to use it if the suspect is only trying to escape. Furthermore they list a series of factors that may go against using this device such as: pregnant women, juveniles, elderly, etc.. After using the device officers should remove probes and monitor closely for any changes in conditions. They should alert the appropriate medical staff if the person is pregnant, if condition changes, if probes hit a sensitive area, or if the person asks for medical attention. Alerting the supervisor and writing a report should also follow the use of CEW. Minneapolis Police Department: The MPD policy starts by define the following terms related to the use of a CED: drive stun, probe mode, exigent circumstances, red dotting,…

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