Essay on The Case Of Dred Scott

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Slavery was a big issue in the 1800’s. While the United States was split in two between the North and the South, there were states and territories that were designated for slaves and states and territories that were for slaves that wanted freedom. If a slave was to actually make it into one of these “free” states, they were basically considered free unless they were captured or forced back to the slave owner they belonged to. However, while the slaves who made it to these distinct areas were “free”, there were instances where that was simply not the case. One instance that is more prevalent than the others was the case of Dred Scott. Dred Scott was a man born into slavery who tried to gain his freedom many times because he lived in a “free” territory, but failed. Was Dred Scott a free slave since he lived in a free territory? If living in a free territory made you a “free” slave, Dred Scott should have been granted his freedom, however he was not. Why? The history of Dred Scott and the Dred Scott case is complex in nature. When his case reached the U.S Supreme Court, one huge question was raised. Can a person of African-American descent even present a case in the Supreme Court gathered the eyes of the world. The decision of the Dred Scott case eventually contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War between the southern and northern states.
Dred Scott is famous for the controversial case that decided his freedom and the future of African Americans in the United States. Dred…

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