The Case Of Columbia Farms Essays

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Cover memo

The company that I work for grows asparagus on 650 acres of land. The name of the company is called Columbia Farms. Columbia Farms is growing financially due to the drought in California and the shortage of asparagus in Mexico and Peru. The shortage of asparagus in those places allows the abundance here in Washington State to be sold at a higher price.

Columbia Farms hires around 250 seasonal employees each spring, from late March to early June. The average age of the seasonal employees is 35 years old. The employees are asparagus pickers. They start early in the morning a work hard labor from 6 hours to 10 hours a day.

The employees are receiving minimum wage at $9.47 per hour. The suggestion that I will propose to Kevin is to give the employees 25 cents per pound they pick. The change is needed to continue to grow the company financially by motivating the employees to work at a more efficient rate while making more money.

Date: November 25, 2015
To: Kevin Filbrun, CEO
From: Jantzen Filbrun
Subject: Employee motivation


This memo has been created to suggest one specific recommendation to increase employee motivation. As you know profit and employee happiness are closely linked, and by paying them by the pound of asparagus, rather then by the hour, employees will have an increase in motivation. The recommendation that has been proposed to you is by research that I have done. With Columbia Farms continually growing…

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