The Case of BobCo Essay

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Bobco is a small family operated company based in Jericho, New York which deals with the import export market with the European Union. Bobco focuses on assigning consultants to customers to assist in the development of import/export strategies, sourcing business partners, development of marketing strategies, legal issues in import/export and logistical support. Even though the majority of consultants are based in NY, they are also based outside of the US in London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona. Leadership in the business world requires harnessing the energy and efforts of a group of individuals so that their outlook is advanced from bad to good. During that process, leadership manifests in projecting your expertise in a way that gains the …show more content…
Usage of various computer applications and systems in the field of business makes work and storing of information easy and effortless. Therefore implementing a database system in Bobco would give it an advantage in storing and managing information regarding clients and assignments the company has initiated. Introducing a system in which employees are given access to discussion forums or social networking with a focus on sharing knowledge related to work would improve employee efficiency and would also give an edge against any rising competition.
Maintaining an implemented Knowledge Management initiative is expensive, so all bases must be covered before moving on to the initialization phase. As this would require a large budget financial management steps should also be implemented to see how a Knowledge Management initiative would drain resources from all available branches. It is also quite time consuming and shifts focus away from company related matters however not entirely.
If Bobco was to be acquired by FredCo int. and if key consultants were to leave the company it would damage the company’s knowledge base. Bobco has an impressive list of clients and many among them have a long term relationship with the company and that relationship is based upon the individual consultants, the program managers and the vice presidents they deal with thus the importance of the consultants are very high.
In the off chance

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