The Case Of Amadou Diallo To A Modern Day Revolutionary War Essay

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Black lives matter, blue lives matter, and all lives matter. These phrases are often used to signify either taking a side or verifying neutrality in respect to the socio-racial crisis between African Americans and the police force that presents itself in the daily lives of Americans. The truth is that these matters are not nearly as black and white as they seem. Boundaries that separate basic principles of police duties and human morality often blur together and results in the media spewing out partial facts to the American people causing outrage. By looking at past occurrences of this one can deduce reasoning to prevent this type of tragedy from reoccurring. Three unfortunate yet vital instances of this include Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, and Micheal Brown.
The case of Amadou Diallo likens to a modern day Revolutionary War. Although instead of the shot heard around the world it was the forty-one shots heard around the world. This incident caused uproar not only in the New York area in which it occurred but across the entire nation. Amadou Diallo stood against his building as four officers out of uniform passed him in a car. Three of these four officers have previously been shot at in other incidents and had to react with deadly force. One of the officers, Sean Carroll, stated that Amadou seemed to match the description of a serial rapist that struck the area year prior. He also claimed that Amadou looked like he may have been a lookout for illegal activity.…

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