The Case for, or Against New Orleans Essay

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Jason Coleman
New Orleans
Recommendation Paper
The Case For, or Against, New Orleans
Management Decision Models
Dr. Usha Dasari

We will look at many factors in our case for rebuilding or not rebuilding New Orleans. This recommendation will be reviewed by state and local governments for their decision. We will perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis which will represent the residents of New Orleans, the residents of the surrounding floods plains, the Mayor of New Orleans, and the federal government represented by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the taxpayers. We will look at scenario models, risk management, and decision trees to support our decisions and analysis. This natural disaster took an enormous toll on
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Prior to Katrina New Orleans led the nation in unemployment. Poverty, poor school systems, and high crime rates plagued New Orleans. Out of almost a half a million citizens of New Orleans 27% lived in poverty, 47% of the schools did not meet national standards, 67% of the population was black, and the homicide was ten times higher than the national level. Twenty-five percent of adults did not have their high school education (Shafer, 2005). Insurance policies that were written for the region were not up to par. For building units there were policies in place for $250,000 and $100,000 for personal property (Shafer, 2005). When Katrina hit the devastation was extensive for the population. The buildings were not suited for a hurricane much less anything to such an extent. Most of the properties were built post 1949 with most of the properties residential and business not being insured with flood insurance. New Orleans was not as strong financially as we thought. Even though tourism was such a big attraction as we see from the earlier summary the cities weekly wage was below the national average. Most of the wages were a result of tourism, the colleges, and the restaurant industry. The fact of the severe gap in wages drove the population down in New Orleans before Katrina. From 2000 to 2004 New Orleans population declined by 23,000 and 16,000

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