Essay The Case For Creating A Free Market Competition

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The Case for Creating a Free Market Bidding System in Collegiate Athletics
Every year, college athletes across the nation are recruited, with many universities battling for the best talents to commit to their programs. These student-athletes are given sports scholarships that pay for part of their college tuition, if not its entirety. In numerous situations, sports fans read about the lavish experiences of Division 1 football and basketball athletes lifting weights in a state-of-the-art weight room, or receiving medical attention to prepare for their next practices or games. However, many athletes face financial endeavors in paying for their basic needs in college, even on “full-ride” scholarships. According to a University of Drexel study, “the percentage of FBS schools whose ‘full’ athletic scholarships leave their players in poverty is 82% for those athletes who live on campus; 90% for athletes who live off campus” (2). Many questions still remain about the lives of student-athletes outside of sports, as the disagreements accumulate throughout the media concerning the factors that should be weighed in the treatment of these recruits.
The major issue that arises from these debates about student-athletes is financial compensation, which currently only covers academic costs at their universities. Swarms of economists and writers believe that college athletes should be compensated at least a portion of what they generate in marketing revenue for their schools (Mahler;…

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