The Case For Animal Liberation Essay

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Animal liberation nowadays are one of the most contentious issues. There has been numerous arguments about whether or not if animals do have rights. Many philosophers have argued and came up with several conclusions by considering a variety of standpoints and presenting their arguments. In Peter Singer’s article “The Case for Animal Liberation”, has several good points which show us that everyone have the responsibilities to protect animal rights. Singer’s argument in his essay gives us a great support to the argument in terms of morally equal. In contrast, “The Case Against Animal Rights” by a philosophy professor at University of Michigan, Carl Cohen; he believes that animals can’t have rights therefore all the medical researches or experiments have nothing to do with their “nonexistent” rights. “The Case for Animal Liberation” and “The Case Against Animal Rights” propose to everyone a new understand towards animal rights. Peter Singer and Carl Cohen shared to us their ideas of Animal Liberation. Peter Singer believes that we should expand our basic moral of principle equality to other species while Carl Cohen disprove the arguments against using animals as research subjects for medical experiments. I will show/try to show that the reasons given by Carl Cohen for The Case Against Animal Rights’ conclusion provide stronger support for it than do the reasons given by Peter Singer for The Case for Animal Liberation’s conclusion. In “The Case for Animal Liberation” by…

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