Essay The Case : Down Syndrome Child With Heart Defect

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The case I chose was Case 1 Down Syndrome Child with Intestinal Blockage and Case 2 Down Syndrome Child with Heart Defect. From chapter ten, allowing someone to die, mercy death, and mercy killing. I chose these two cases because they made me think more than twice on both situations. Rather to mercy the death of my daughter or to mercy kill my daughter out of my husband and my issues.
These two cases made my think more than twice on the situation. The first case is about a 38-year-old women giving birth to a baby girl. The baby girl had both Down syndrome and intestinal blockage. Baby’s often have down syndrome and intestinal blockage when women are over the age of 35. The women and her husband discuss about the baby’s health and life. They agreed that the baby would not survive the mental retardation. The doctor told them if they want the baby to survive they would need to do surgery to remove the blockage. The women and her husband decided to not have the surgery to save their daughter which the doctor and hospital said they were making the right choice on letting her die. The baby girl was left in the nursery for 11 days and died of starvation.
The second case is about on the very same day as the first case another women was rushed into the hospital and along the way, she gave birth to her baby girl in the car. The baby girl was born with both Down syndrome, intestinal blockage, and a hole in her heart which made it difficult for her to breath. The women and husband were…

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