Essay about The Case Armstrong V Armstrong

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When an abusive relationship manifests, the sufferer may find his or herself unable to escape from the acts of violence against them. This can stem from the emotional abuse and the economic abuse that transpires over a course of time. The signs of emotional abuse are oppression, name-calling, humiliation, mind games, and the manipulation of one’s emotions. In the case Armstrong v Armstrong, the husband repeatedly threatened his wife with criminal charges and used their teenage daughter as a pawn to manipulate her (Schechter 125). His use of emotional tactics was a clear example of cruel and inhuman treatment, which inevitably became the main reasoning for their divorce. Economic abuse includes “tactics to limit the partner’s access to assets or conceal information and accessibility to the family finances” (National Network to End Domestic Violence); which can comprise of different factors such as prevention from getting a job, complete control over all finances, providing an allowance, and collect the victims income and keep it from him or her (Violence Wheel). By controlling the funds, the victim is forced to rely on and stay with his or her abuser in order to maintain the current standard of living and the guarantee of safety from outside entities. These abuses, along with sexual and physical abuse, contribute to the cycle of violence abuse phase.
To ensure complete and total power and control over a person, the abuser will use different tactics that can be added to the…

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