The Case And Regulation On Beauty Industry Essay

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Many accidents which are about beauty care injury are happened in Hong Kong in this ten years. In the serious case, people died after doing treatment in beauty care center. That most well- known beauty care injury case are DR Group Case. In this report, Hong Kong government role are used to look at this case. Some government problems are found from the background of the case and regulation on beauty industry are recommended to government base on literature review.

Background of case
A beauty care injury case which is about DR Group are reported in 2012. In this case, four women had cause injury after receiving DC-CIK therapy through the DR beauty center (Whiteman, 2012). One women died of septic shock and the other three had other complications. DC-CIK therapy involved the danger procedure. According to Department of Health (2012), the DC-CIK procedure is to concentrate and process the blood taken from the person. Then, the mixture were infused back into the patient. If the treatment had not done well, a serious problem might appears such as the dead of a women in this DR Group case. Therefore, this accident has raised public concern on monitoring of the medical beauty and hope to prevent the similar accident happened in the future.

Problem and findings
Government is the largest role in Hong Kong. It had a lot of power and It has monitor most of the thing in Hong Kong. Many supportive and regulation are provided by Government. However, according to the case,…

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