The Case Against Tipping By Michael Lewis Essay

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Essay Analysis Tipping has become a daily routine of most people living in America. The essay, “The Case Against Tipping,” by Michael Lewis expresses the idea that tipping is becoming too common and too overused in simple businesses like coffeeshops. Lewis is frustrated with how tipping is now everywhere, and people feel very obligated to tip for thought of being embarrassed or experiencing an awkward situation. Lewis writes this essay to American customers to persuade them to stop tipping when it is unnecessary because it is causing our society to see tipping as something that is almost “required” in a sense. “The Case Against Tipping” is very intriguing and well-written, but it lacks strong support and also a variety of examples throughout the essay. Lewis starts off his essay strong by explaining how he is disturbed by the “growing appeals for gratuities” (20). Right from the beginning of this essay Lewis puts off a powerful tone, which can be good to build confidence in readers and grasp attention, but can also be taken as harsh or offensive in some cases. Lewis’s first main point is the fact that he believes tipping is becoming unnecessary and happening when it should not be. His point is clear and explained well, but it needs more examples to build ethos. Lewis builds on this point by using a personal experience example of a cashier working at a coffeeshop. The evidence he presents from this example is relevant to relate to many readers who have been in a…

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