The Case Against High School Sports Essay

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The Case Against High School Sports

Sports are ingrained in the American philosophy of schools atypically in comparison to the rest of the world. In the article The Case Against High School Sports, Amanda Ripley argues that the social phenomenon of allocating colossal amounts of money on amerature sports at the high school level should be revised. The establishment of high school sports began with football in 1900, and has had a drastic effect on student’s in the United States. For more than a century now, detractors have evaluated whether tax money should be spent on such activities that not only diminish learning achievement but hold the potential to permanently damage the brain. In addition, the contribution of televised sporting events promotes propaganda entrenching that no one can comprehend the cost of such sports. Overall Ripley’s controversy remains sound and genuinely provokes the question as to do sports truly belong in high schools. It should not be a requirement that schools have sports available to students considering that the United State’s dwindling rate academically in the world, the low-level distraction from sports, and the obscene cost of providing such sports. The 21st Century discloses to students the necessity of playing sports without putting much emphasis on excelling as a scholar when attending school. Despite the multiple benefits of high school sports, other parts of the world that do not have sports for high schoolers gain significantly…

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