Essay about The Case Against High School Sports

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Amanda Ripley argues in her article “The Case Against High School Sports,” that sports interfere with a student’s life in a negative way. Ripley believes that schools are not putting enough focus towards their educational aspect. She focuses heavily on the fact that the cost of keeping these sports funded is far too high for them to stay in place. She believes that if America is to remain competitive with other nations, sports must be taken out of high schools. Although Ripley provides new insight on the issue that schools are too involved with athletics, she does ignore some of the factors that make them worthwhile to keep. Ripley displays that America is falling far behind in its education standards on a global scale. She starts her case by showing the huge gaps between America and other nations through international testing. There she presents us with the solution of ridding our schools from the distraction of sports. Ripley writes, “Even in eighth grade, American kids spend more than twice the time Korean kids spend playing sports” (1). She believes that instead of creating an education system that differs so much from higher ranked nations, we should be working to try to emulate their move away from sports. Ripley then teaches us about the archaic reasons that sports were ingrained into our high school lives. Originally they were a method to, “both protect boys’ masculinity and distract them from vices like gambling and prostitution” (1). She admits that at this point…

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