The Carter Cleaning Company: the High Performance Work System

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Case study Questions (solved) By Mohammad Ali Janvri (Reg. No. 1011145)

The carter cleaning company: the high performance work system

1. Would you recommend that the company expand their quality program? If so, specifically what form should it take?


Meeting with the employees directly is a good way to get the accurate feedback from them in order to increase the involvement of the employees in an organization. There can be many opportunities for the Carter company for improving the level of their human capital. For instance, giving training to the employees so that they can become aware of the basic values, standards and methods and procedures of an organization etc.

2. Assume the company wants to institute a high
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3) Implementing effectual Performance Management by setting benchmarks of performance, high quality evaluation of performance, and providing coaching and feedback to build the talent of each individual and maintain optimistic employee relationships.
4) Scheming an efficient compensation system that will enable company to draw attention, maintain and inspire a excellent personnel, providing suitable salaries and benefits. A badly built system will cause difficulty in attracting candidates, revenue generation and low employee self-esteem.
5) Preparing and grooming employees both at the management and employee level to be capable enough to execute the job to fulfil the expectations. This should comprise of a new employing orientation program as well as a program for current preparation and growth. Lack of awareness to this factor may cause errors, increase in costs, low revenue, and self-esteem problems

2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer?

Assuming Jennifer’s role, I would meet with her father and talk about about how everything associated with HR was done in the organization before I came. Then I would establish a meeting of all employees to introduce myself and ask questions to them about what they need and want. Then I would examine the facts and plan a strategy on how I can stimulate the managers to inspire their staff, how to coach new and existing employees to carry out

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