Essay on The Caring Roles Of Nursing

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The Caring Roles of Nursing
Missy Foster
NUR 360
Mississippi University for Women

The Caring Roles of Nursing
In order to look at evidence-base practice and how it can benefit healthcare, an understanding must be made. What is evidence-based practice? Evidence-base practice is basically research conducted through quality improvement results, expert opinion and other data/polls conducted to show best methods of improvement in how care is rendered. It essentially is used to close the gap between research conducted and how it is implemented in a healthcare setting to provide the best outcome. Evidence-base practice takes a look at what is being done and focuses more on why it is being done for that particular instance and how it can be improved, taking away from traditional medicine to best practices.
Research utilization, much like evidence base practice, is the application of knowledge utilized to improve patient outcomes; however, unlike evidence-based practice, research is not always incorporated in clinical practice. (Fain, 2015)
The Nursing Roles Within
Nursing and the roles associated therein such as in provider and manager play a vital part in the care, implementation, and coordination of patient well-being in healthcare. In order for care to be considered successful, a patient should be able to leave a facility or care clinic in a better state than coming with nature’s defenses working in an optimum state, thus leading to optimum care.…

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