The Career Paths Of Executive Females Essay example

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The career paths of executive females that were able to shatter the glass ceiling felt as if there were a several alliances they received and enabled them to succeed in the corporate world (2012). They understood early on in their careers the importance of their employees support (2012).
Gender Discrimination When gender stereotypes occur in the workplace it shows predictable ways of gender stereotyping and the sex composition of the business and the organizational policies affect the discrimination (Bobbit-Zeher, 2011). Workplace policies are important because of workplace discernment. The corporate decision makers put gendered rulebooks into the policies they create (Bobbit-Zeher, 2011). Gender discrimination occurs in many forms, including performance evaluation of employees and sexual harassment in the work place. According to Bobbit-Zeher (2011) stated that recent research shows discrimination in the workplace still continues to impair gender equality. Scholars usually regard cultural views about gender as initial steps to discrimination against females in the workplace. Regardless of other ranks of society, individuals tend to classify each other by gender. This triggers gender stereotyping, this may provoke the gender based in group progressions (Bobbit-Zeher, 2011). Sex configuration in the workplace may also impact discrimination (Bobbit-Zeher, 2011).
Ridgeway and Correll (2004, 517: Ridgeway 2006, 275) contend that gender is more important when it…

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