The Career Paths Of A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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The career paths of a nurse practitioner and a social worker from family and children are both one of hard work and great personal reward. As a nurse practitioner, I would be able to help people with their health issues. As a social worker I would mostly be helping out families and children with their psychological needs. If I were to keep following the path of a nurse practitioner I would be helping patients, taking their health information, helping doctors perform drug administrations, helping patients recover from their sickness and injuries, and just help people overall. As a social worker I would offer psychological help to families and children with their well being, offer advice to families who wish to adopt children, and in schools I would help children with their emotional and psychological issues to help them on their path to their own future. After receiving my BA from Trinity University, to continue my path as a nurse practitioner I would need to acquire a master 's degree. In order to obtain the master’s degree I would have to continue my studies at Trinity University, but I could also transfer my credits to The Catholic University of America or George Washington University. While my studies as social worker could come to an end with a BA, I could further my studies as a social worker I could obtain a master’s degree, or a Ph.D. In order to continue my studies for a social worker I could attend Hood College or Gallaudet University. While both jobs offer their…

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