The Career Path Of The Pharmacy Profession Essay

700 Words Oct 19th, 2016 3 Pages
Pursuing this profession derives deeply from my self-interest in studying pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. While attending a seminar held at the University of Minnesota by Dr. James R. Fuch, I witness the importance of drug kinetics, bioavailability, toxicity and how drugs are administer. It is then that directs my curiosity into wanting to learn more about applying chemistry into health care and research. After completing a Drug and Alcohol Pharmacology course and attending various medicinal pharmaceutical chemistry seminars, I was self convinced that becoming a clinical research pharmacist is the right career path. Recognizing that the pharmacy profession is not just a four-year commitment to the program, but a life term obligation and I am aspiration to be a part of the growth. My plan is to focus on research in a clinical background with direct patient care. I believe research aids will advance the future development of the profession in regard to applying treatment effectively and uplift future patient care cures. With a doctorate degree in Pharmacy, I will be able to provide clinical research assistance and also be responsible for professional patient care.
I am a first generation Hmong American college student and one in my family to first graduate from a four-year higher institution. As an undergraduate, I am part of TRIO and Upward Bound student because of my low-income family setup. I am also a partaker in International Student Organization, Asian…

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