The Career Path Of My Choice Essay

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The career path of my choice is accounting, more specifically Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA). CPAs are professionals who conduct analysis, practice good judgment, and communicate effectively. This ties into the general definition of accounting, which is to classify, communication, and interpreting information. CPAs are Canada’s trusted business leaders. They are recognized for their strategic thinking, management skills, and leadership. In Canada, they play a key role within various sections including industries, as CEOs, treasurer, and consultant, and government, as tax auditors, policy planners, and financial analysts.
After taking various business courses, I have come to the decision of going into the accountant field. Since I am currently in the Undeclared Major in York, it gave me an extra few months to think about what major is best suited for me. Recently, I have written a midterm in my first accounting class and have come to the conclusion that going into the accounting field is what I want to do. In this field, as long as taxes and business exist, accounting is a profession that is in high demand. They play a crucial role in keeping a business together. Along with that, there is always potential to grow. Within years, people with entry-level can go on to becoming managers, supervisors, and higher level positions like consultant or systems developer, if in their respected place of employment.
According to the Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario, in…

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