The Career Path Of My Career Goals Essay

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After learning what leadership is all about, I realize that it is an inevitable part of life. Be it implicit or explicit. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are playing the role of a leader. In order to recognize my career leadership goal, it is important for me to identify the career path that I wish to take
Career Leadership aspiration
Having an experience of 5 Years in analytics industry my primary motive of enrolling in BAPM was to learn project management in analytics industry and gain a good professional and personal growth. This is a good juncture to contemplate my Personal Leadership Development Plan, and this is presented below.
For the present situation, after graduation I want to move a little bit up the corporate ladder and go into a middle level management role in a leading tech organizations. Later on, once I get comfortable, I can engage in multiple projects and increase the breadth of my knowledge Finally, ten years down the line, probably when I am confident enough of my ability to manage teams, I would like to switch to a functional manager role.
As a functional manager, I want to build a team that is diverse not only from an educational and cultural perspective, but also based on gender and race. A very high level of emotional intelligence (EI) is essential to create such a team and keep the team members motivated. So, I want to work on my self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social skills at every given opportunity.…

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