The Career Path Of Career Counseling Essay

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Lizeth Lopez, a 24 year-old, heterosexual female came into career counseling needing “help finding her what career path would be appropriate for her.” She is the older of two siblings and identifies as Latina. Lizeth was born and raised in San Jose, California, but moved two years ago to Los Angeles, California. She reported wanted a change in her life and wanted to live in a different city. Client currently lives with a roommate who she attended college with. During the initial interview, my client described herself as a very quiet, timid person. This was congruent with what I observed because it took her awhile to warm up and begin to speak about herself. She described herself as very different from others, as she reported being “very independent” and not needed “much from other people.” This opened the conversation and mentioned prefers to make meaningful connections and only have a few close friends. The client also reported feeling very different ever since she can remember, as she was always into herself and would not open up to many peers. The client described her family as being very hardworking in general. Her parents immigrated years ago to the United States in the search for better opportunities. Client reported her parents knew they wanted to have a family and wanted them to obtain a better education than the one they could have potentially received in Mexico. Once in the United States, client’s parents decided to settle down in San Jose, California since…

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