Essay on The Career Path Of Becoming An Engineer

1050 Words Jan 15th, 2016 null Page
At a young age, most children are asked what they want to be when they grow up. There are the occasional responses such as doctor, lawyer, astronaut, or even a princess. But there are the few children who don’t have an answer, but know they want to change the world. Changing the world, may be a high goal to reach, but it brings out a workforce that most people do not think about. Having the opportunity to make a difference, while working hard and pushing yourself to go further can be resolved if more people thought about taking on the career path of becoming an engineer. Not only do we need more people to have the courage to take on such a rigorous task, we need more women to take on this task as well.
Engineering today, is male dominated and needs more female role models. Being an engineer has its beneficial factors such as having the option of choosing your work environment, taking on the different options that are available in the field, and getting a prosperous amount of money that includes job security. There is roughly 20 percent women in the engineering field, and at the same time 40 percent of these women who earn a degree either drop out of the profession all together or never get a chance to enter. Reasons for these percentages could be effective from work environments that women have to work in or from the pressure that females grow up. Women have a low graduation rate in this field because of the misconceptions of what it takes to be an engineer. Having to deal…

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