The Career Path Of An Educator Essay

2126 Words Nov 8th, 2016 9 Pages
Every student in the world today is gifted in their own special way. Young students in the current education society require a secure, caring and stimulating environment to give them the opportunity to maximize their learning abilities and allowing them to develop in a social, physical and intellectual manner. This is one of the principle reasons I have pursued the career path of an educator. Everyone in the educational community has their own ideas and their own philosophies on what education should be, how curriculums should be taught and how the educational system could be changed. The main purpose of creating a philosophy on education is that it defines the purpose and the overall focus of the educational system. This philosophy becomes the overall frame work in which curriculums are developed, the material and information that is to be focused on and taught throughout school districts. All teaching beliefs are different and are never set in stone, they always change as teaching professionals achieve higher levels of experience. Throughout this paper, my own beliefs and philosophy will be presented and examined.
My teaching philosophy is that all teaching strategies must be effective in order to engage students and provide them with the highest levels of learning. This would also create an exciting, cooperative and welcoming classroom setting, in which parents would feel comfortable sending their children knowing that they are receiving high levels of education and that…

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