The Career of a Er Nurse. Essay

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As an Emergency Room Nurse, You become a part of the Emergency Response Team that works together to not only provide individual care, but also to provide fast and accurate stabilizing care to individuals in a crisis situation.
Being a professional nurse means caring for the overall general health and comfort, as well as, caring for and nurturing other individuals. Meeting both their physical needs for safety and good health, as well as providing comfort and ease for their emotional needs.
Being an Emergency Room Nurse is an empowering position that allows you to work along side other qualified health care professionals as a member of the Emergency Response Team, providing quality care to patients in a fast paced environment.
Tasks At
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They must be able to respond timely to emergency situations and assure open communication with not only patients and their families, but also with other emergency medical professionals in order to provide and ensure proper and accurate medical therapeutic intervention.

Working in such a fast paced environment, as a emergency room nurse, you will need to utilize your skills in time management. Not only prioritizing injuries, you will also be prioritizing your time while working in the emergency room. Finding yourself in an ever changing environment with many duties that you are responsible for, you will never be bored. Managing your time will allow you to confidently complete your duties in an organized manner. You can take pride in knowing your quick thinking and decision making abilities will provide quality care in your health care facility, even while multitasking.
Emergency room nurses work directly under physicians assisting the doctors in providing the best possible medical service to patients. As an emergency room nurse you will initiate an accurate ongoing assessment of each patient; identifying the unique problems and concerns of each individual. You will legibly document and compile a patient history regarding medical complaints, surgeries, and prescription medications. Collect information on current injuries, symptoms and evaluate the needs and concerns of the individual patient. The patient analysis will also note any allergies the patient

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