Essay on The Career Of The Nursing Career

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The nursing career is one of the fastest growing, in demand and high paying jobs in the health industry. It is also one of the top stressful jobs with many nurses experiencing fatigue, stress and eventually burnout. Various factors attribute to the negative physiological and physical effects of this career, specifically a shortage of nurses, long work hours and when the labor seems almost not worth the salary paid. The responsibilities of a nurse vary greatly. Examples of daily activities are performing physical evaluations, administering medications and dressing and treating wounds. Attention to detail is also important as the slightest miscalculation during the administering of medication can lead to adverse effects. Registered nurses may also find themselves in supervisory roles, leading and directing lower level nurses such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). All nursing levels are very important with responsibilities that require the same amount of attention. The schedule of a nurse can also be a hectic one; many nurses are required to work twelve consecutive hours in a fast-paced, high stress, physically and mentally demanding shift, three to four days in a row. This is the most common schedule known to nurses though there are certain facilities that have tried breaking up the length of work into eight hour shifts, five days a week. Another alternative is a Baylor position in which nurses only work sixteen hour shifts two days…

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