Essay The Career Of Pharmacy Is A Healthcare Facility

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The career of pharmacy has interested me ever since I was a little girl and this has been one of my passions ever since. Some of the different pharmacy careers that really stood out and interested me are community pharmacy, pharmacy opportunities in rural communities, ambulatory care clinics, and medication therapy management programs. A community pharmacy is a healthcare facility that focuses on providing services to a single specific community within an area. A community pharmacist is usually responsible for dispensing and distributing medicine to their patients. They work to ensure that different treatments are compatible for the patients’ condition by checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely supplied and labeled.1 Community pharmacists work in a variety of environments, such as high-end pharmacies, supermarkets, and local healthcare centers. Their main focus is to maintain and improve people 's health by providing advice and information, as well as supplying prescription medicines. Community pharmacists can also sell over-the-counter medicines and help advice and instruct patients on to properly take and use the medicines.1 Some pharmacists will even offer health checks, like blood pressure monitoring diabetes screening, or even a run stop-smoking clinics and weight-reduction programs. Pharmacy services are especially important in rural communities. Rural areas most likely have a population of older people who tend to have chronic illnesses…

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