The Career Of Misty: The Best Volleyball Player

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Sand in toes, sun in the eyes, you’re about to play Misty May- Treanor. Misty is the greatest beach volleyball player to ever walk the earth. Not only is she athletically inclined, she is also a great person all the way around. She has overcome various obstacles to be the best of the best. She is the best volleyball player of all time. Misty was born in Los Angeles, California in 1977 (“Misty May-Treanor”).She and her family didn’t stay there for long. She grew up in Santa Monica, California (“Misty May-Treanor”). Her whole life revolved around athletics. At age 8 she played in her first volleyball tournament (“Misty May-Treanor”). She was a star once she hit the court. Misty was a 16-year-old high school superstar (“Dynamic Duo 79”). All …show more content…
She loves it there. “My passion is coaching” (KSTP) She has always said this since she was a teen. She has always wanted to take her blessing and do something with it. “I’m going to get my masters in coaching and administration” (KSTP). This was the best choice for May-Treanor. Has appeared on CSI: Miami, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Dancing With the Stars (Misty May-Treanor volleyball). All of these were just a bonus to her oh so great career. “Dancing is no walk in the park” (Miazga). She ended up hurting herself before she got done with the show, but she still talks about how much she enjoyed every second of it. In honor of her mother, she sprinkled her ashes on the courts after the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medal wins. (Misty May-Treanor volleyball). She did this on live television. She partners with Ditch the Drip Foundation (KSTP). This is one of the many good things she has done with her stardom. “Winning Olympic gold never gets old” (KSTP). She knows where the line is between cocky and humble and hits it perfectly. “Motherhood is on the minds of beach volleyball’s most dominant team” (Miazga). She has always wanted a family, and her career was just in the way. “My family is the priority at this point in my life” (KSTP). Everyone knew this was coming. “I haven’t had a break from volleyball since I was 12, so I’m looking forward to being a mom” (KSTP). She has wanted this for a long time, and I can only imagine the relief of just having a

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