Essay about The Career Of Being An Education Administrator

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Education Administration No matter what age, every student has had an encounter with a principal, whether it was being sent to his or her office in elementary school or shaking hands with them on high school graduation day. Principals encourage students throughout their educational careers and help them to reach their full potentials. The career of being an education administrator is a highly rewarding occupation. This job allows for the personal supervision of a learning environment and provides ample opportunities for administering the highest quality education to students. A principal also cultivates a healthy work environment for faculty and staff. This career has been around for decades, but the official job title was not established until the 1920s (NAESP). Principals are required to manage many operations within a school. His or her core tasks include disciplining, planning and controlling budget, and supervising teachers and faculty (Principal). One of the most important tasks an administrator performs is the overseeing of the budget. School districts often have limited funding, so wisely prioritizing spending is crucial (Principal). In addition to overseeing school tasks such as budget, principals also take care of determining courses and schedules (Principal). A principal also performs jobs such as reviewing and creating reports on students’ test scores (Principal). Administrators also have the responsibility of creating programs to help students excel…

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