The Career Of Being An Accountant Essay

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As I started the self-assessment in the career explorer, I realized that I loved doing everything from helping others, writing, analyzing, planning, leadership, computing, and simply I love making an impact on the world. The career explorer found jobs that I may have an interest in, such as a teacher, occupational therapist, clinical research associate, aid worker, a doctor, an accountant, and an environmental consultant. The four careers that I will be discussing are the outlooks of doctors, psychologists, accountants, and an environmental consultant (Career Explorer, n.d.). First, I will discuss the educational requirements for being an accountant. The education expected for being an accountant is a bachelor’s degree with no experience and training. Some employers prefer to hire applicants that have a Master’s degree in any concentration in accounting. Accountants systemize monetary records, to diminish costs, improve income, documents expenses, formulates tax returns, and makes sure that taxes are paid properly and on time. In the year of 2014, there were over one million jobs as an accountant. Most accountants work in offices, while others work at home. This workload can be very stressful and fast-pacing; some work has to be completed in teams. The pay for being an accountant can vary, it ranges from sixty-five thousand dollars to seventy-two thousand dollars annually, in which some people work more than forty hours per week (BLS, 2015a). There are also about one…

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