The Career Of Baseball And Music Essay

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Strategy, technique and practice are just a few things baseball and music have in common. For John Lemme, lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and a senior majoring in music performance with an emphasis on saxophone at Colorado State University-Pueblo, the two have been linked by passion since an early age.
“When I consider myself passionate about something, I define it by the feeling it gives me that I get when I’m in the thick of it. That sort of unbridled desire to be the best I can be at that particular task. Baseball and music are two things I am very passionate about and that passion drives me in to the practice room to be the best musician I can be,” Lemme said.
Though, with many passions come some certain losses along the way.
Lemme played outfield and first base in high school baseball he said his strength was long, accurate throws. However, after a shoulder injury in high school football, his dreams of becoming a major league baseball player faded, but his dreams of making it to the major leagues of music stayed alive.
Oct. 26, Lemme traveled to the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. where he auditioned for a job with a special unit of the United States Navy Band called the Cruisers.
“The premier bands in any branch of the armed forces are full of some of the best musicians in the country. They are the people that play at the presidential inauguration every four years and the ones that play on the Fourth of July PBS specials,” Lemme explained.
To be selected for the audition,…

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