Essay on The Career Of A Physician Assistant

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The career of a Physician Assistant (PA) can be both rewarding and a challenge. The field of medicine is ever evolving, requiring physicians and healthcare facilities to rely on more mid-level practitioners, such as PAs, to be able to meet the demands of health care and wellness, while maintaining the quality of care. Working with a supervising physician and other team members in the health care industry, a PA’s role bridges the gap between clinical staff and the provider. As a mid-level practitioner, the PA is able to participate in the practice of medicine under the supervision of a physician, giving the PA an exciting, and educational relationship with the evolving world of healthcare.
The Physician Assistant Profession Overview What exactly is a Physician Assistant (PA) and what differentiates them from a medical assistant or nurse? Unlike a medical assistant, or nurse, a Physician Assistant (PA) is a licensed practitioner that provides medical services that are usually performed by a provider or physician, while under the supervision of a physician. (National Center for O*NET Development, 2016). A PA’s role is to examine patients, obtain information about their condition, diagnose and determine an appropriate course of treatment, prescribe medicine and or therapy with the approval of the physician. (National Center for O*NET Development, 2016). PAs work in various settings throughout the healthcare field, and generally adapt to their surroundings or specialty of the…

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