The Career Of A Nurse Educator Essays

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Professional Beginnings I would like to invite my readers to join me take a short trip and trace the beginnings of my nursing career. I have been a nurse for more than 20 years, with nursing as my third profession. I was a schoolteacher and a consultant in training and development in my past life. As can be seen, my passion for teaching and education had been rooted in me long before becoming a nurse. When I got my diploma in nursing from Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing in Teaneck, New Jersey, I gave myself five years to link the three “me’s” into one “me”. In my fourth year of working as a staff nurse, I was offered a nurse educator position in the Education and Practice department in the Medical Center where I worked. It was an opportune time that early in my nursing career, I was given the chance to combine all the three professions into the role of a nurse educator. Subsequently there after, I held the position for 19 years until the time that I had to go on a medical leave.

What Led to the Change: Nurse Educator, No More!

When I was well enough to return to work, the Medical Center had downsized and the nurse educator position was eliminated. Throughout the time that I sought for a nurse educator job, I had a rude awakening that my experience and the two national certifications I had, were not enough for me to get hired as a nurse educator. My bachelor degree in a non-nursing field did not help either. There was always one requirement that I did not…

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