Essay on The Career Of A Career

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After leaving high school, finding the right career is the next step in the plan of life. When choosing a career, one should tailor it to their personality and interests. Being the creative person that I am, the careers that suit me best are multimedia artist and art teacher. Multimedia artist tend to have an easier lifestyle than most other workers do. On average, multimedia artists make more than the average worker does: Multimedia artists earned average annual salaries of $68,060, according to the BLS. The top 10 percent earned more than $109,370 per year, and the lowest earners made less than $34,800 (Suttle). With that said, one might wonder about the process to reach that income in the field. Most multimedia artists have not had any formal training in the field rather than just a high school diploma and picking up the knowledge during their childhood and elaborating on that: "Most Multimedia artists do not need a college degree to be successful in their field. Most were working in multimedia unprofessionally from a young age and decided to turn their craft into a career" (Suttle). With this information, the salary and education requirements for a multimedia artist seem generally easier to achieve than that of someone studying to be an art teacher. Art teachers tend to make much less yearly than a multimedia artist: "Art teachers, on average, make approximately $41,650 per year. First year art teachers begin at approximately $34,300 with a…

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