The Career Field As A Canine Officer Essay

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An overview of the particular career field as a Canine Officer Canine Officers are otherwise known, as “K9 Cops” Made up of a very highly trained canine dog and a law enforcement officer. These K9’s have been bred specifically for their intelligence and their great sense of smell, which will help them pursue runway fugitives, discover a missing person, there sense of smell is so incredible that a canine, with the help of its handler, can pick out narcotics and weapons from cars, homes, planes, and even bigger crowds. The relationship between the canine and the officer starts from the moment the canine steps of the plane or is delivered to the officer in his or her department. Once the law enforcement officer has made a connection with the canine they take them home and they become their 24-hour handler over their canine.
Connections with a canine and its law enforcement officer are inseparable, almost all cases, a canine becomes attached and a part of the law enforcement officer 's family. When both canine and officers are off shift the canine becomes the family pet. In some cases the potential canine and the law enforcement officer do not make a connection, therefore the canine will be sent back or given to the next potential K9 officer. In order to become a canine handler, you must first get hired through a law enforcement agency and sent to the required Police Academy nearest you. If you were to get hired through a department in Oregon, you would be sent to the Oregon…

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