The Career Ending Play Sports Essay

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The Career Ending Play

I grew up playing basketball just about my whole life I really never found a sport that I considered more fun than basketball. Soccer was pretty close, but it was still for sure my second best option. I played basketball every chance I got when I was growing up I had my own basketball hop and everything. My friends would come over all the time and we would be out there all day just playing ball. Once I started sixth grade that’s when I started to take the sport more seriously, because that’s when you can start trying out for the school team and the sport becomes more serious, because not everybody makes the team so you had to of earned the spot on the team which took time and effort to get there. I was excited because I made the team every year I tried out. I had the best of friends who were there and on the team with me we all did everything on or off the court together. I continued to play basketball all through middle school our team overall was a pretty good team we only lost a few of ours games during both years. When high school started that’s when the tables really turned for the sport when I thought they took it really serious in middle school then you wouldn’t believe how serious they made it seem in high school. The coaches were really hard on us we had to maintain our grades and they made sure we behaved in the classroom too. It wasn’t only that, talk about a lot of hard work being put into practice. We had to give it a hundred and ten…

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