The Career Construction Theory, And The Five Factor Model Of Personality

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It is not easy to pin down what is considered “aging well.” Some would claim that having a lot of money and a secure retirement would qualify as an aging success. Others would stand convinced that being surrounded by family is the indicator of thriving in old age. Another opinion would declare that good mental and physical health are the signs of noble aging. Psychologists have presented their research, theories, and thoughts on what it is to age with grace, health, and dignity. Three theories that attempt to explain concepts of aging are the generativity theory, the career construction theory, and the five-factor model of personality. Mrs. A. was born on March 30th, 1940 in Denver Colorado. She spent all of her childhood and adolescence in Colorado with her family, whom she dearly loved. She is the oldest of 4 children, and they were her greatest companions. They often played together, and especially enjoyed playing marbles. Even in her teenage years, she continued to spend a lot of time with her siblings. A typical Friday night included inviting their friends over to their house, rolling up the rug, and dancing. Finding time for these activities was undoubtedly difficult because Mrs. A was very involved in her high school. Since there were only seven students in her class, “you had to do everything or nothing got done.” She was a cheerleader, majorette, student council member, and yearbook staff member, while still earning A’s in all her classes. Upon graduating from high…

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