The Cards Of My Father

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Ministry # 2

With which two people did you connect & which cards were used? I have used the cards of the picture with my father today and started too connected with my father where he sat in his spiritual walk with Christ Jesus. The one thing he told me about in his life is how God used him as a vessels to his bothers and sisters around him. He told me that when he was growing up as a younger man he was very independent person to his mother and sisters and brothers. My father almost died on the operated table in the hospital in 2001, and my father had the chance change his life around for the better. So the three images that my father pick is the one about a bike with no wheel means to he is broken hearted that got that repaired by God Grace
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Describe how the conversations went as prompted by the cards. I have asked, my father few questions about his childhood and background of his family tree. Some of the things he told me was back then, a depression stage in my father 's life. You some pieces of broken because he really know how to put them back together. My father have been through a rough childhood I lost childhood an unforgettable childhood. But through it all he was the only person who was able to understand that, that God had a purpose in his life during that time with the storm. My father was a kind man but if you make him mad or try to hurt him by my understanding you try to hurt you back. My father grew up in New York City. Understanding of violence or the streets because he didn 't know no other way to be but he understand that if he keep his fight with the Lord. Everything will work out for his good. I love my father so much because he never leave me or forsaken me. My dad always stood by my side knowing that he was going through his problems and also tribulations in his life. What is one thing I know about my father died he always does this no matter what he was going through. He always loved his kids no matter what circumstances no matter what tribulations come in the way no matter what obstacles come in the way he was always there let me know nice how God loves us unconditional love.

What did you learn? I learned by using the cards all the images are we understand what my
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The second person I connected with was CIU student who just met my first year here at Columbia International University. We always be hung out get to know each other by help each other with our papers and homework and conversation about Jesus Christ unto the library. She was the second person I used, the cards on. I have also used the images cards again on her as did my father. I have really understanding more better from her understanding what was going on unto her life with the Images she pick out. I have really didn’t say too much at first because I just to her testimony about her life with Jesus and her family. She had a well childhood grown up to the fast cities. But doing that time of the process in him life she understanding that God us taken her through the difficult times and moments. One of the images she pick out was number 33 because when she was grown up, and it was kind of easy for her little bit. The other image of the cards was about 43 living the fast into the city. The other photo image, she pick out was into the grave yard, and I have started understanding what she went through doing that time of the storm in him life with new change of find out the Christ Jesus in her walk and

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